Supply Chain Management

Medical devices and life science instruments contain highly specialized, custom built mechanical components that make use of a variety of technologies. Fabricated plastics, sheet metal, machined parts, fluidic components, optics, and electro-mechanical sub-systems are more challenging to source. Common components may also face supply issues due to global shortages and allocation.

Off-the-Shelf Electrical and Mechanical Components

For commodity components, a successful supply chain strategy starts with thorough planning and research. Paramit uses software that analyzes component demand, time on market, and other factors to predict which parts are likely to reach end-of-life, allowing the supply chain team to address these risks early on.

Paramit only purchases authorized electronic parts directly from manufacturers or through authorized franchised resellers — we don’t use gray market brokers or non-franchised resellers. This approach ensures part quality and gives us direct access to the manufacturers’ technical support when challenges occur. Our key component suppliers maintain full time, on-site materials program managers to assist us with quotations, schedule fluctuations, dual source/end-of-life recommendations, and escalations.

Custom Fabricated Mechanical Parts

Our success is based on two fundamental strategies: (1) invest in top-notch engineering resources and provide them the tools needed to resolve the most complex manufacturing issues and (2) partner with the best suppliers by establishing a preferred mechanical supplier program that qualifies, evaluates, and constantly monitors suppliers. We work closely with these suppliers to address critical client issues.

Paramit uses a multi-faceted set of criteria to evaluate a mechanical supplier’s capabilities, expertise, and business acumen. We evaluate their processing technologies, materials science knowledge, quality systems and history, and Design for Manufacturability (DFM) expertise, and bandwidth. We also choose solutions-oriented suppliers who will partner with us and our customers starting in the design phase.

Conflict Minerals Policy

As a global company, Paramit is committed to sourcing components and materials from companies that share our values around human rights, ethics and environmental responsibilities. We require all our suppliers comply with requirements noted within our Supplier Code of Conduct Policy and Supplier Agreement.