Industry Experience

Paramit is one of the few design and manufacturing firms that focuses on medical device and life science instrumentation. Each project has unique requirements for technical resources, information systems, validated processes, product data, and regulatory compliance. We thoroughly understand these needs and are well versed in both the complexities and constraints inherent in these industries.

Life Sciences

We work with life science companies to develop and manufacture high-precision instrumentation. Our clients are both US and global companies with products that include flow cytometers, electrophoresis systems, imaging systems, fluorescence detection systems, microarrays, microfluidic instruments, sample prep systems and a wide range of consumables. The multidisciplinary development teams at Paramit are experienced with every stage of the product life cycle and design control processes needed to bring these products to market.


Medical device projects require a strong understanding of human factors engineering, reliability, manufacturability, serviceability, traceability and a strict adherence to document control. Paramit has developed and/or manufactured several FDA-accepted, CLIA-waived medical devices, including surgical instruments, surgical robotics, point of care and personal testing devices, diagnostic systems and drug delivery devices.

Mobility & Robotics

Robotics are changing the world including automation found within life science and medical devices. Autonomous mobility is affecting many industries, and manufacturing technologies found within mobile service robots are common to mechatronic instrumentation. Paramit offers companies within the rapidly growing robotics industry a low-risk external manufacturing strategy, and our life science and medical customers also gain from our increased technical knowledge and purchasing leverage.