Optics Capabilities

Paramit develops and manufactures mechatronic intensive instruments for medical and life science applications.  These instruments often have optics or imaging submodules which include LEDs, lasers, or cameras. Precision motion control of multiple axes is also a critical element of our designs and zero defect manufacturing.

Clean Room Optics Assembly
Optics Subassembly
Clean Room

Optics Design Experience

  • Proven design for manufacturability/reliability record with nanometer-scale precision requirements
  • Redevelopment of detection architecture to take advantage of recent technology advances while improving performance and reducing cost
  • Custom image analysis packages for alignment and test of key performance metrics at the system level
  • Non-imaging detection and analysis in handheld devices/disposables

Optics Assembly Capabilities

  • vPoke enabled 3000 sq ft of class 1000 cleanroom
  • Class 3b laser room with safety lock and optical isolation tables
  • Optics engineers and technicians certified for working in the cleanroom
  • Optical alignment and calibration fixture development
  • Experience with optical switches, beam splitters, filter wheels, telescopes, beam expanders, dichroic, camera CCD sensors, objective and illumination lenses