Our engineers bring decades of experience across multiple disciplines, helping our customers achieve their product realization goals. We can engage at any stage in the development process, and we’ll ensure manufacturing is not an afterthought.


  • Mechanical design utilizing SolidWorks
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and CFD analysis
  • Motion control utilizing belts/pulleys, leadscrews, linear bearings with steppers, servos and piezo drives
  • Fluidics and pneumatics including all types of pumps, valves, pipettes, pneumatic cylinders, accumulators, vacuum pumps
  • Thermal Analysis and design for incubators, chillers, thermal cyclers
  • Systems Engineering
  • Airflow analysis and testing
  • Shock and vibration analysis and testing
  • Design for reliability, serviceability and manufacturability
Mechanical Engineering


  • Optical system and optical component design capabilities
  • Sequential and non-sequential Zemax modeling
  • Thermal and opto-mechanical Monte Carlo tolerance analysis
  • Experience with fluorescence, chemiluminescence, absorbance, and Raman systems
  • Experience with high resolution imaging systems
  • Breadboard and prototype feasibility construction, testing and evaluation
  • DFM and rapid transfer to manufacturing
  • Optical component mounting and isolation


  • Hardware/firmware system architecture and design
  • PCB layout and cable harness design
  • Embedded system design (SBC, microcontroller, DSP/FPGA/CPLD)
  • Electromechanical devices control and implementation (valves, pumps, sensors)
  • Communication interfaces and protocols (serial, parallel, Ethernet, RF, IR, others)
  • Robotic (motion) control systems and stepper implementation
  • Thermal system development utilizing resistive heaters and TECs
  • Electro-optical design (LED, laser, PMT, APD, others)


  • Quick turn prototypes for early stage feasibility/testing using Python scripting environments and command line interface tools on Linux or Windows
  • Design and development of image processing algorithms, signal processing, and closed loop control algorithms for motion (positioning), temperature, pressure, power, etc.
  • Experience with SW risk management and design controls which conform closely to ANSI/AAMI/IEC 62304 standards
  • Experience using languages, operating systems and platforms to fit the customers device needs, such as: C, C++, C#, Linux, Windows IOT and cloud based technologies such as Azure and AWS
  • Experience with the use of commercially available single-board computers (SBC) for instrument control


  • Microfluidics modeling & design of channels smaller than 1 mm
    • Devices including chips, cartridges & micro-pneumatic systems
    • Valves, pumps, centrifugation designs for microfluidics
    • Surface modification for chemistry or fluidic effects
    • On-board reagents: liquid and dried
  • Prototype injection molding
  • Blister packs: thermoformed and cold formed
  • Foil and film sealing of cartridges and reagent vials
  • Expertise in ultrasonic welding and leak testing
  • Reagent vial design, liquid and dry, pierceable and peelable seals
  • Vacuum oven for preliminary stability testing