Product Development

As a Tecan company, Paramit now partners with Tecan’s leading edge R&D group based in Morgan Hill less than a mile from Paramit’s manufacturing facility.  Together, we offer OEMs a product realization solution that ensures rapid time to market, smooth transfer to manufacturing, and unconstrained capacity to scale.

Tecan Systems R&D has deep expertise with fluidics, motion control & robotics, optics, and software.  With access to Tecan’s 300+ person global engineering team, Paramit provides world class design engineering to support our manufacturing customers.

Our process provides identifiable milestones and deliverables. Each phase includes decision points that assess which adjustments should be made to ensure your project stays on schedule. By resolving issues early in phases 0-1 our engineers are able to focus solely on design execution in the later stages.

Our program managers develop strategic plans based on the specific needs of your project. They’ll provide you with a thorough analysis of project requirements, weekly reports, up-front identification of risks with actionable plans for mitigation, and make sure things stay within scope. We also make certain you end up with the lowest production cost, so you maintain high product margins without sacrificing quality.

Accelerated Time-to-Market

Our transfer-less design process pulls New Product Introduction tasks forward into the development phase and reduces project timelines by 3-6 months.

Experienced People

We’ve been designing and engineering life science instruments and consumables for over 30 years. Our team’s combined experience has resulted in more than 100 successful products.

No Ambiguity

A consistent flow of information and proactive communication with our clients ensures a mutual and deep understanding at every point in the project.


Our proven process simplifies complex life science instrumentation and medical device development, and Paramit is incentivized to ensure manufacturing success.

Risks Will be Retired Early

We utilize a detailed mitigation approach that manages risk from day one and prevents issues later in the product lifecycle.

You Own Your Design

Clients control their product vision throughout the development process. We hand the design, technology and documentation we develop over to you at the end of the project.

Phase 0

Lay Out Your Project Roadmap

  • Planning and Risk Assessment
  • Scope Your Project
  • Plan Manufacturing Development
  • Generate Mitigation Plans

Phase 1

Concepts & Risk Mitigation

  • Technical Feasibility
  • Early Cost of Goods Assessment
  • Custom Consumable Development
  • Early Design for DFx
  • Supply Chain Development

Phase 2


  • Focus on Design Details
  • Component Selection & Schematics
  • Technical Analysis
  • Manufacturing Reviews for DFM, DFS and DFT
  • Prototype Vendors Identified
  • Tooling Estimates

Phase 3-4

Bring it to Life

  • Prototypes
  • Ready for Scale
  • Manufacturing Process Verification
  • Manufacturing Assembly Training
  • vPoke Development