• Post manufacturing Services

Post Manufacturing Services

Paramit takes full ownership for your product through its entire lifecycle, from new product introduction to direct customer shipments. Our capabilities and infrastructure also go well beyond manufacturing to include field returns, product upgrades, and end-of-life support.

Order Fulfillment

Rather than you having to invest in costly infrastructure, Paramit can customize necessary services and equipment to satisfy any end-customer commitment. This includes finished goods inventory, final validation testing, configure to order, direct customer shipments, distribution shipments, and systems integration with other suppliers.

Field Service Return Program

Paramit’s field service return group can also evaluate and repair your products. Our dedicated team handles the administrative aspects of warranty returns and repairs, manages the shipping and receiving process, and communicates directly with your end customers. We take care of all the technical and logistical details, which lets you make better use of your existing internal resources.

Product Upgrades

Product upgrades can be complicated to manage as different versions of the same product coexist in the field, and each can use different components from multiple suppliers. Paramit’s team can manage the entire upgrade process for you. First, we perform a thorough analysis of the engineering change orders (ECOs) that have been implemented since the product was originally manufactured. Then in order to understand the net result of all ECOs, our upgrade team takes into account exclusions and redundancies in components and processes as well as changes in the approved manufacturer list (AML).