Technology Development

Paramit’s technology development group leverages the strength of Emphysys, Inc. which Paramit acquired in November, 2020.  Emphysys has a well-established reputation for innovating energy-based medical devices for surgical and aesthetic applications.  Tightly integrated with Paramit’s Silicon Valley product design and manufacturing groups, Emphysys serves as a strategic partner for companies looking to make game-changing technology breakthroughs.

Using an applied research mindset our engineers address the myriad of challenges companies face trying to turn their concepts into real-world solutions and products. Technology and product development is a high risk process. With a unique combination of expertise in fundamental physics, complex engineering systems and sophisticated simulation capabilities, our scientists and engineers can help you greatly reduce that risk.

Our team works with customers on focused technology development and rapid prototypes iterations. Our engineers and scientists then take our customer’s new technology directly into Paramit’s internal product development group to produce a product design that is ready to manufacture.

Scientific & Technical Expertise

  • RF applications and power systems
  • Motion control
  • Thermo-fluids and acoustics
  • Optical
  • High-voltage system design
  • Electrical and embedded systems
  • Control systems / Software
  • Industrial Design/Human Factors
Technology Development

Product Examples

  • RF Surgical Platform
  • Non-invasive acoustical shockwave treatment system
  • Microwave tissue ablation system
  • Micro-coring system for aesthetics
  • Automated external defibrillator
  • Non-invasive cranial pressure monitor
  • Bacteria capture and enumeration system
  • Acoustophoretic cell separation system
  • Large volume infusion pump