Lonza FlashGel System

The FlashGel DNA System is the fastest way to separate DNA and the only way to watch sample migration as it happens. This revolutionary new tool separates DNA in as little time as 2-7 minutes. You can monitor gel runs right at the bench, without having to use a UV light box. A unique light source is incorporated right underneath the gel box.

This all-in-one gel electrophoresis system was a first of a kind in the lab. Prior to its availability, all steps of DNA analysis using agarose gels had to be performed manually. This device allowed for multiple samples to be run at once and reduced per test lab labor.

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Our team came up with an injection molded design for a low cost consumable. We also developed an assembly process that supported high volume and a purpose built backlighting to facilitate reading. Additionally, we designed the consumable filling equipment.

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Industrial design
  • Electrical engineering
  • Program management