Your Vision Realized

Success in product development is a direct result of meticulous design, exhaustive risk mitigation, proven processes, and high-performing teams with great people. Lathrop is the product development arm of Paramit Corporation, and our multi-disciplinary teams and in-house processes simplify complex product development and manage risk from the start. The end to end design services we provide offer full support throughout the entire product lifecycle as well as follow-on, post-launch support. We have a 30+ year proven track record of minimizing product development times, meeting or exceeding transfer cost expectations, maximizing return on development costs and also hold an 18-month average for market-ready product delivery.

Bringing Ideas into Focus

Peace-of-mind product development. Our proven processes simplify complex life science instrumentation and medical device development.

Minimizing your risks early. We utilize a unique mitigation approach that manages risk from Day 1 and prevents issues later in the product lifecycle.

You own your design. Clients control their product vision throughout the development process, and we hand the design, technology and documentation we develop over to you at the end of the project.

Accelerating your time to market. Our transferless design pulls New Product Introduction tasks forward into the development process and reduces project timelines by 6-9 months.

Experience you can trust. We’ve been in the business of designing and engineering life science products and medical devices for over 30 years.

No ambiguity.  A consistent flow of information and proactive communication with our clients ensures a mutual and deep understanding at every point in the project.