The Benefits of Manufacturing with vPoke®

Medical devices and life science instruments are generally complex assemblies – often comprising a mix of fluidics, optics, custom electronics and motion control hardware – that require advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure high quality system performance.

That’s why Paramit developed vPoke, an innovative computer-directed mechanical assembly process ideal for the production of healthcare devices. This blog explores how Paramit’s customers benefit from vPoke.

  1. High level of quality control: vPoke error proofs human assembly by controlling inputs such as materials, hardware, instructions and operator training. It uses picture and voice verifications to guide the operator through the assembly sequences and verification process.
  2. Fully traceable builds: vPoke automatically generates an electronic device history record (DHR) for every instrument built, simplifying the regulatory process by providing complete traceability for each assembled device.
  3. Rapid scalability: the use of individual build stations enables swift scalability, either up or down as needed. Single or multiple vPoke stations will be allocated for your build, depending on forecast levels.
  4. Consistent outcomes: vPoke regulates assembly sequences, ensuring each instrument is built in the same way every time.

Operator working at vPoke station.

Operator working at vPoke station.

In conclusion, our vPoke mechanical assembly process offers a range of benefits for manufacturing medical devices and life science instruments, including increased assembly precision and accuracy for improved quality control and traceability, as well as an unconstrained capacity to scale. vPoke gives our customers confidence that their mechatronic instruments are being built correctly, every single time.