Rubicor Bravo

The Rubicor Bravo is a completely self-contained breast biopsy device. It allows the physician to extract multiple high quality core samples in an efficient manner. It features a one-button mode of operation, and includes a viewing chamber for immediate viewing of core samples taken. The self-contained design houses both motor and battery, freeing up the physician from older tethered products. It’s a disposable, hand-held tool that allows for coring, storage, and transportation of tissue without exposing to the outer environment.

Rubicor approached Paramit for product design and development services to take their early medical device concept to a production-ready medical device.

Paramit provided Rubicor with a complete solution from concept to a production ready medical device.

  • Program management
  • Significant industrial design and human factors
  • Electrical engineering
  • Firmware design
  • Mechanical engineering