Synergy Under One Roof

Paramit’s main goal is to bring our clients peace of mind as we work with you through the development and manufacturing of your product. We’re an engineering-driven, FDA-registered manufacturing firm with a core focus on complex medical devices and life science instruments. Our engineering and functional teams handle the entire product lifecycle from failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) all the way through post-manufacturing field returns and upgrades — and do it all under one roof. We feel this synergy is critical to continuous product improvement and it also lets us identify root causes for issues that might not even be apparent in a typical, fragmented manufacturing.

For the past five years straight, we’ve achieved 100% on-time delivery of finished product — measured daily and certified by our clients. Paramit has manufactured hundreds of commercially successful products, and our zero-defect approach to manufacturing results in unsurpassed product quality, reliability and performance.

Defining a New Standard of Excellence

Paramit specializes in design and manufacturing sophisticated products that require expertise in FDA compliance, mechatronics, fluidics, optics, test development, RF, PCA assembly, subassemblies, system integration, and both functional and system testing. Our team of electrical, manufacturing, RF, and test engineers are constantly improving our ability to build high-quality, reliable and cost-effective medical devices and life science instruments.

Defect-free products. Our patented vPoke system and zero-defect approach to manufacturing simplifies complex assembly, and full documentation at every step results in 100% traceability.

Experience you can trust. We’ve been manufacturing life science products and medical devices for over 25 years.

Better than best-in-class quality. Paramit’s achieved SMT at 9 DPMO compared to best-in-class at 30 DPMO for over five years, and system assembly at <1 DPMO for compared to best-in-class at 200 DPMO for the past four. Extreme product performance. We’ve improved on the conventional quality ramp to maintain consistent, exceptional quality from the first product to the last.

Accelerating your time to market. On projects where Paramit’s has taken on your product development too, we’re able to employ our unique transferless design and manufacturing process. It pulls pre-production tasks forward into development, reducing project timelines by 6-9 months.

No ambiguity.  A consistent flow of information and proactive communication with our clients ensures a mutual and deep understanding at every point in the project.