• Expect the Exceptional

    Paramit is no ordinary contract manufacturer. We provide our customers with a high level of certainty and confidence —so much so that they trust us to perform final system configuration and ship complex medical devices directly to their customers.

  • Quality is a Core Value

    At Paramit quality is the result of an obsession with correctness, thoughtful planning, and rigorous implementation of processes and strategies designed to eliminate product defects.

  • Reconsider Outsourcing

    Conventional wisdom says medical device OEMs can’t fully outsource their complex devices. But there is nothing conventional about Paramit. Fresh thinking, innovation, and our focus on complex devices and instruments defy convention.


Paramit is an FDA-registered and ISO-certified manufacturer of complex finished medical devices. Our QSIT trained internal auditors, coupled with an external audit team, regularly examine and assess our systems and records to confirm that our company, products, processes, and documentation are in compliance with 21CFR820 at all times.

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vPoke Mechanical Assembly

Paramit has developed a patent-pending computer- directed assembly technology called “vPoke” based on poka yoke principles that provides a dramatically higher level of control and validation for mechanical assemblies. vPoke virtually eliminates manufacturing defects from the assembly process and automatically creates a device history record in real time as each sequence is completed.

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Whole Product Ownership

At Paramit, we take pride and responsibility for the products we build. We view all manufacturing functions as interdependent operations and we house all functions under one roof, allowing the various functional teams to interact and create the synergy critical to optimize product outcomes.

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